The Audible Romance Package.

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Busy period right? Statistics has it that most of the births occur in December (Please you free to prove this Stat wrong). But it’s quiet obvious as you can see lot of December Birthday Celebrants, even Facebook would never let you rest with reminders of friends birthday this season.

So, what struck me the most then is the saying that romance and love takes place the most in the cold season, Winter, (Hamattan: for the tropical region). 

Here comes the BIG QUESTION. How come the births are more then in December? Yah Laugh it out! That means the whole romance and love thing is more during the valentine’s period to March for birth to occur in December. Am cracking up here. 

Let’s analyse this:

  • There’s more quiet time during that period, February to March I think (less family gatherings)
  • In the festive season there is a whole lot of distraction with shoppings, travelings, family gatherings, etc, as a result less time for romance maybe. Individual opinions will apply here so share yours please. 

Anyway, with this Season filled with an atmosphere of love and joy in the air, am sure we would like to try something new, not so new but from my opinion it’s awesome

This Audible Romance Package comes to you straight from Amazon, free with unlimited listening.

I tried this and it blew my mind. It all about an atmospheric love in all that we do…hey, I don’t have to spill the beans, I will just leave you folks to give it a trial and am sure you will revert back to me with more love to share.

See ya soon!


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Nice one … Thanks for this.


You welcome Maryam,
Always appreciate your comments and inputs.
You can also sign up for a free trial of the package with Amazon via this link,


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