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Our story

Our story has been one of passion for online potentials, the desire to attain financial freedom, and most important the drive to bring others to the knowledge of internet business and the need to be apart of the many success stories oozing out via this great medium as the World as we see is has become a Global Village, hence we put EJO GlobalNet together to link like minds. With the strong desire, and refusing to be constraint by time and challenges, the mission began and so has since been growing.

As a one man team we have grown and keep growing, creating marketing and advert channels for our Partners and Clients globally, helping them to reach more potentials than they would have done alone. And not only that, our Self Service center is dedicated to teaching minds hungry attain success and financial independence the know how without any technical knowledge and with as little as nothing to start up an online/internet business. Everything as we can see is going Online now. Be in touch and you.

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